Vodkast: Episode 4

In this episode of the Vodkast I interview Sam Coren of iZotope about her work with the company, why there are so few women in the audio industry and how to promote yourself as an artist! We even discuss how music-makers attract the attention of a big company like iZotope!

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Index for the Interview: 

Intro: 2:10

What is iZotope?: 4:40
Women in the audio world: where are they?: 11:20
Promoting Yourself as an Artist: 39:10
How to get noticed by iZotope: 46:33

Index for the Vodkast Portion: 

How to mix guitars properly? 50:00
Tutorial on mixing guitars I did:
Mix Review 1: 58:11
Mix Review 2: 1:02:00
Mix Review 3: 1:13:56
Speaker Correction software, worth it?: 1:27:10

Links to some of the things Sam I and talked about: 

Women and the Audio Industry:

Org links:

iZo educational links:

Treating Your Room (Acoustics)