Vodkast Episode 13

In this episode: 

Why I don't like Sample Library Reviews (But will totally review Sample Librairies)
What should you look for in a MIDI Keyboard?
Should you know how to compose for an orchestra?

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Vodkast: Episode 12

In this Vodkast: 
- How to not write me (or anyone) an email
- How to pick a base price for a composing fee
- Does Geoff want to help me write children's music?

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Vodkast: Episode 11


On this episode: 
- Should you move to LA, NYC or London for composing gigs? 
- Is there value in working a free gig?
- Is composing enough or should you learn other audio tools?
- The difference between networking and wasting your fucking life!

Vodkast 9

In this episode of the Vodkast I drunkely discuss a number of hot button topics!

1. How to avoid plagarism as a producer/composer
2. Where to learn about mastering music in the absence of mentorship programs or apprenticeships
3. How to sync music to cue/hit points in a cue
4. Understanding Gain-staging through metaphors and examples..


Links to stuff I discuss: 

Home Mastering Masterclass (affiliate link):

Frans' Music Tempo Calculator Tool:

Footage of Daniel James using the Tempo Calculator Tool:

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Vodkast: Episode 8

In this episode of the Vodkast we discuss: 

- Reflections the great year is was! (For the channel)
- How much fun *is* composing?
- How to talk to non-musical people about film cues
- 2 Mix Reviews!
-Overcoming writers block

Vodkast: Episode 7

In this episode of the Vodkast I drunkenly discuss: 

-How to let emotion into your cues and songs (2:23)
-How to get a job after audio school (7:20)
-Mix Review + Tips on how to score an entire film, stay inspired (19:19)
-Marketing yourself in the digital age (34:34)
-Mix Review (40:15)
-Mix Review (45:37), advice on licensing music in films for free..

Vodkast: Episode 6, Interview with Ian Shepherd

On Vodkast 6 I chat with professional mastering engineer Ian Shepherd about loudness, mastering from home + he answers a pack of questions from Redditors from r/wearethemusicmakers!

Reddit questions start at around 58:00

Helpful Links : 

Ian's excellent site/blog is here:
Free 7 Part email course:
How to achieve dynamic EDM tracks:
Dealing with people who want stuff too loud:

Ian's Spotify playlist:

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Vodkast: Episode 5

Welcome to the 5th Vodkast! 

On this show: 

-2 Mix Reviews
-2 Tutorials: Real NYC compression (Skip to 32:26), Bass Enhancement Mix Tip (Skip to 45:17)
-Q&A: Life after audio school? Live Sound as a career?


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Vodkast: Episode 4

In this episode of the Vodkast I interview Sam Coren of iZotope about her work with the company, why there are so few women in the audio industry and how to promote yourself as an artist! We even discuss how music-makers attract the attention of a big company like iZotope!

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Index for the Interview: 

Intro: 2:10

What is iZotope?: 4:40
Women in the audio world: where are they?: 11:20
Promoting Yourself as an Artist: 39:10
How to get noticed by iZotope: 46:33

Index for the Vodkast Portion: 

How to mix guitars properly? 50:00
Tutorial on mixing guitars I did:
Mix Review 1: 58:11
Mix Review 2: 1:02:00
Mix Review 3: 1:13:56
Speaker Correction software, worth it?: 1:27:10

Links to some of the things Sam I and talked about: 

Women and the Audio Industry:

Org links:

iZo educational links:

Treating Your Room (Acoustics)

Vodkast: Episode 3

In this episode, I share an interview that I conducted with the super talented directors of the forthcoming feature film On the Rocks, for which I made original music. 

We talked about lots, but really get into the composer/director relationship at 27:32. So click to skip there!

Things we talked about:

Guys Who Watch Movies Podcast:
On the Rocks Website:
On the Rocks Trailer:

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Vodkast: Episode 2

In this episode of the Vodkast I discuss: 

-Loudness standards: How loud should your masters be? 
- Setting Levels for Mastering
-Controlling Reverb using Abbey Road Reverb Trick
- Audio Engineering School: Money Well Spent? 
- 3 Mix Reviews!

Table of Contents: 

1. Is Audio Engineering School Worth it? 1:09
2. Mix deconstruction from a track that made me MILLIONS 10:35
3. How did I start getting film score jobs 12.35 ?  
4. Mix Review 1 24:10  Things discussed: Abbey Road Reverb Trick, Creating Space and Depth. Link to the Abbey Road trick:
5. Mix Review 2  31:50 Things discussed: Mastering, Loudness, LUFS vs RMS, Dynamics and how to achieve them. 
6. Mix Review 3 47:20 Things discussed: Limiting, Compression and tips for mastering your own stuff.

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Vodkast: Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of the Vodkast! 

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Table of Contents: 

1.What Inspired Me to Start Mixing
2.Things I wish I knew before starting, and my favourite part about the composing process
3.Making the transition to scoring films
4.Komplete 10 Ultimate: Worth it?
5. Mix Review #1
6. Mix Review #2
7. Chaining songs together the right way

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